The best way to chat with everyone in your organization

Text messages? Emails? No problem.

DigiQuatics messaging makes it simple to chat with anyone and everyone at your organization. Whether you want to send a text message or email we have got you covered.

"Our pool switched to DigiQuatics a few years ago and this has made my job so much easier... I have already been able to send out mass emails and texts, as well as individual emails and text... the staff love it!"

To group or not to group

Easily send messages to individuals, all staff with position “lifeguard”, any member of your staff at your primary recreation center, or even, all employees with position X at location Y. Automatic groups make it easy to streamline your notifications process instantly.

Risk management matters

Running an aquatics or parks and recreation department in today’s age is tough. With lawsuits and litigation becoming common occurrences it is more important than ever to document everything that happens at your facility. Stop using Facebook Groups and Messenger, Group Me, and other tools outside of the daily operations of your organization. With DigiQuatics Messaging you can track and document all aspects of your operation into one simple tool so you have a central location for all things aquatics.

Attachments too? Why would I ever leave DigiQuatics?

With DigiQuatics Messaging attachments, you can even attach an unlimited number of file attachments to email messages to send along to your staff. Have every staff member’s contact details up-to-date along with attachments so you can stay on top of managing your staff.

Stop wasting time with copy-and-paste for common messages

Using DigiQuatics templates you can save common templates for text messages and emails you send via DigiQuatics messaging. This allows you to quickly send out in-service announcements, staff meeting announcements

Exports - exports - exports

DigiQuatics easily allows you to export all of your message logs to ensure you can always stay on top of best practices with record keeping and risk management..

Coming soon…

Every wanted to know how a message came across? Soon DigiQuatics will allow you to measure the “emotion” of your messages to staff, this will allow you to determine if your message comes across as authoritative, negative, positive, etc. to your employees!

4,719 emails and text messages sent and streamlined with DigiQuatics!

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